Saturday: Coffee Drinking and Windowshopping

After some quite exhausting weeks full of studying, writing exams and giving private lessons, I looked forward to spending one Saturday relaxing with some shopping in Essen, Germany. The trip to the shopping city is very short and easy, so me and my friend Laura went there for some windowshopping. But first...breakfast!
 Eating breakfast in a cafe is something we wanted for some weeks. The Caffee Zentral in Bochum was Laura recommendation, and i can admit that she was right. I had some cereals with joghurt and (really) fresh fruits. It was a heaven on earth, but i would have liked some more cereals, because they were my favourite part. Laura ordered a big cup of fruit salad with joghurt, but the waitress forgot her joghurt. :( 

After that we headed to Essen and did some shopping. You all have that friend that always has the best advice during shopping and motivates you to buy the right things? This title goes to Laura. With her help I finally found a well-fitting light denim jeans at Gina Tricot. We also rocked the jewelry section (70% off!!!). At the end we couldn't resist and visited The Body Shop, which is my favourite store for body and skin care. After trying the Holiday Limited Editions Scents, Laura only bought the Shea Body Scrub (it smells amazing!).
With another Cappucchino we finished up our small trip. I forgot the name, but we spent at least one hour in a tiny but ultimative cute cafe warming our hands with hot cups. It was really cold outside brrr. 

What do you do at a duty-free Saturday? Where is your favourite place to shop? 
xxx, Ana


  1. Schöne Bilder, schöner Blog. Da folge ich doch direkt mal :)
    Ich wünsche einen schönen Abend. <3

    Liebe Grüße,

  2. Seh ich genauso!
    Finde deinen Blog wirklich schön!
    Weiter so! :))

    Liebe Grüße auch von mir, Lisa