Easy Steps To A Healthy Long-Life Relationship with Your Curls

There are a lot of girls that hate their curls and even admit to suffer by them, because they either have to straighten them after every wash or feel uncomfortable in public. If you have this problem, your only chance of loving yourself as you are is being okay and feeling pretty with your curls. There is only a relatively small amount of girls with big curly hair and you are one of them. So show them off because it makes you special. Also think of all the girls that would kill for your volume and texture.
There is no standard rule for styling the prettiest curls. Every hair structure is different and so you need products and tricks for your hair structure. Do not give up if a blogger's hair routine does not want to work for you - keep searching for the methods that will do.
The path is not easy, but there is always hope if you put some effort in it and try different products, routines and methods out. Get to know you hair from roots to lenghts - it will be totally worth it, I promise. Here is some advice on the go:
  • -Moisture is the path to go: Curly hair is usually dry, so use an hair oil, oil masks and a conditioner to make it look all healthy and shiny.
  • Definition: Maybe a good styling cream or mousse is your holy grail for transforming the mop into a voluminous piece of art of defined soft curls.
  • Upgrade your hair-dryer: The common use of a hair-dryer is THE killer for every hairstyle. So make sure you use a diffuser attachment

You see... it's as simple as that. Follow these four steps and you will be confident about your hair. Maybe not everyday, but nobody's loving herself every single day. I also prepared another post about curly hair in which I'll show you my personal hair routine and some products I love using. 
Happy Wednesday xxx, 

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