WON'T MISS... the exams! I have one month break now and will hopefully spend it in a fun way.

INSPIRED... by some art at the Folkwang Museum in Essen. I visited it with my mum, and as the advertisment of the exhibition says "van Gogh, Monet and Cauvagh" I didn't expect it to be really awesome for me, because I never was a fan of these artists. Fortunatelly I got suprised in a pretty great way! Even if the exhibits of van Gogh still couldn't touch me, I am really impressed by Monets giant paintings of water lilies. These paintings look so harmonic and beautiful I promised myself to have a similar painting in my own flat. Other atrists I discovered there are Alfred Stevens, Felice Beato and Courbet. The topic was Japanese Inspiration, by the way. :D

ENJOYED... some quality time with one of my best friends I lost sight of the last stressful months. We used to be really close and now I am really glad that we met again and make plans for the next weeks, too.
IN LOVE WITH... my striped blouse from Pimkie. I was always into stripes, but blouses didn't quite stick to my sporty style. That changed with this spontaneous buy my mom and sister motivated me to. Best fashion decision in a long time. 

LISTENED TO... Amy Winehouse again (as every week) ... and to this beautiful track from Tove Lo.

PLANNED... enjoying the real life with less stress than usual. I have to stop feeling responsible for other persons' situations and stop trying give help to people that don't appreciate it. That's something I have to remind myself and work on. Hopefully the next weeks are filled with quality time, some fitness and healthy decisions. 

Wish you all a nice start into the new week. Hope you'll discover some new inspiring things.
xxx, Ana


  1. Hey :) Dein Blog gefaellt mir, das design ist schoen uebersichtlich. Werde gleich mal Leser :)

  2. Die Lieder mag ich auch sehr und das Essen sieht wahnsinnig lecker aus :)
    Ich finde deinen Header sehr schön, der hat was ganz besonderes :)

    xoxo, Lena