My ingredients for the perfect morning

The first step to have a great day is to start it great. Some time ago I discovered the importance of morning time's quality. Since then I went through a lot of routines and tried different advice out. Now I think that I have found the routine that suits me best and makes my morning even enjoyable. 

Have your bag packed and your outfit planned
It's true that the best organization in the morning begins the day before. Have your bag packed so that you have one thing less to do and avoid the possibility of forgetting something really important. Besides it takes away a lot of stress and that is something we all appreciate, right?

Turn on your current favourite playlist or the radio
When my alarm rings, I feel like cancel all my appointments and stay in bed, but that is not possible and after some minutes the weariness is usually gone. The Miracle cure against the tiredness is music, especially music that always makes you feel full of power and motivation. If you don't have a playlist right now, the radio does its job very well, too.

Go first for skincare and teeth brushing
After brushing my teeth and washing my face, I always feel a lot more energetic and ready for the day. So don't put it at the end of your routine, cause it will make you much faster and your morning happier. 
For skincare I would recommend to keep it simple in the morning. You do not wear any make up when waking up, so a light washing gel (or even only cold water) and a moisturizing day cream are enough. Keep in mind that less is more!

Plan at least 15 minutes for some breakfast (and a coffee)
The breakfast and a big cup of coffee (or sometimes tea) is my higlight in the morning and can really make my day. I don't plan my breakfast the day before, I just grab food I feel like at the moment. But most of the days it is vanilla porridge, a joghurt with some fruits, apple-pancakes or just a honey-peanut-butter toast.

Check the news (if it's the newspaper, instagram or your mails)
To be up to date is really essencial to me: So I check facebook for birthdays, instagram for entertainment and my mails for important information. Sometimes I even have the time to watch a youtube-video, which also is really calming before school or work.

Make an overview about your day
Shortly before I leave the house I write a to do list. I always try to keep it short, so that I still have time for myself but I make sure that I do little things that will make some other days less packed. Lists are my life savers  to take control over my week. Maybe this is a good piece advice for the messy ones out there.

What are your ingredients for the perfect morning? Which steps are essential in your morning routine? 


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