Quick Reminder: We do not live to eat, we eat to live.

Food is a trend. 
I'm not sure if the topic nutrition has always been so popular like it is in the last years, because maybe i was too young to notice the discussions about all the different lifestyles that are only depending on one factor: the food someone is eating. But now I notice it, and it's freaking me out, because it is not only that the world deals obsessively with the different styles of nutrition, but it begins judging every individual by the things he puts on his plate. Since when did food give a person a value? Or since when do people handle nutrition like a religion?
As someone who itself is interested in nutrition and also spends a bunch of time on the internet, I constantly observe how aggressive and unfair people get when someone isn't eating in the way they do (or pretend to do). Food Diaries are one of the most popular videos and posts today, which I totally appreciate, but the discussions and comments they provoke are scratching on the highest level of shallowness and intolerance. Keep in mind that Bloggers or Youtubers just try to give an inspiration, it is nor a nutrition guide neither a medical recommendation. If you want to include these person's  opinions in your personal lifestyle than do it, if not than don't. How can someone come to the point of insulting a human because of his liking for normal milk or chocolate or just the fact that he eats carbs after 6 pm?

We all want freedom, but how is this possible if society jails us? By the way, society isn't an invisible monster trying to destroy our lives - we are society. The fact that someone consumes general milk does not limit anyone's freedom in any way. But the process of judging and insulting does it. So, please, if you did so in past: Back off. Let everyone fill his plate with things that he likes. You can try to convince them with showing them the advantages of your choosen style of nutrition, but stop trying to make them feel bad. It is simply not cool.

When we understand that nutrition isn't a topic that should lead us to begin fights with other people, we should also learn to not fight ourselves. Most of us wish for the perfect bikini body or to be in the position of only eating healthy stuff, but that rarely works in reality. I catch myself thinking about food multiple times a day and asking questions like "did i eat too much?", "does this totally belong to clean eating?" or "should i go to dinner at a restaurant or won't it be healthy enough?". I am shocked by how my thoughts are controlled by food and try to do something against it.
Surely there are a lot of health issues influenced by nutrition, but at the end of the day we have to remind ourselves of the fact that it is only food. In the industrial countrys we have the great luck of having enough to eat and are in consequence of this in the position, where we don't have to worry about it. How did get food more important than any other topic? We loose the sense of living, got blended by this whole discussions about eating, that we cannot see the vivid details of life.
So next time you will be catching yourself thinking obsessively about food or feeling guilty, remind yourself that the thing that controlls your mind is only food.
P.S.: If you want to hear another opinion about it, i can recommend you Cassey Ho's video on Blogilates.
How do you think about this topic? How much imporance do you give nutrition in your life? 
xxx, Ana

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